Jose M. Ponte  | Camera Wrangler & Photographer |

Definitely...I was told earlier that I look like a special agent photographer in that photo too, with the cool backgr... Oh HEY! Welcome, welcome. How's it going? We were waiting for you!

Ahem... My name is José, and no, I am not a special agent photographer (yet). Instead, I am a regular guy that has worked his way with a camera to photograph with patrons such as Infusion, IST Student Government, Family Clothes Line, 925Labs, Alpha Phi Alpha & more. I also served as the Director of Photography for Valley Magazine, producing the Magazine cover, Featured Story & Fashion Spread.

It's been an incredibly fun ride, from which I created "JM" with all those principles I learned, techniques I used, and the cool people that liked to see me make-a-fool of myself in my sessions and that, now, work with me...(Whispers *Thank you*)

My style of photography is heavily influenced by Editorial and Cinematic photography and also, Jose-does-something-funny style  (That last one is my manager's favorite). Although I have worked with differents styles of photography, portraiture is what I love to do. We like to see your face light up when you see your final images. We get to smile too.

I currently reside in the Happiest of Valleys or State College, PA as some other people call it.  We have served the area with pride because we are all PSU Alumni. WE ARE!

Well, now you basically heard my "30-seconds elevator pitch". Did I forget to mention that I am from Peru, I am a Chicago Bears fan and I really enjoy homemade brownies? Perhaps those are irrevelant...but here if you want to know more about me: this is what I blast through my speakers while I edit photos and write "About me" sections:

It's been a pleasure! And if you have any questions about why I make a fool of myself while shooting or if my photography style matches your desired portraiture needs, I would enjoy hearing from you. Contact us!

- José, Photographer

Karika Gnep | Director of Everything & General Manager |

Karika started to work with JM from its early stages. Karika is in charge of photo shoot logistics, safety checks, and pretty much all the back coordination, but most importantly keeping Jose functioning. She works hard on creating a sustainable and fun business. She co-directs most shoots with Jose and works with clients to get the best experience for them.  She is also quite a photographer, as she also takes the behind-the-scenes photos and quite remarkable shots.

Check them out!

Pure talent.

Karika is a Senior studying Community Development... (International style). Karika likes to read and likes to remind Jose of stuff he forgets. If you have a Yorkie, bring it to the session or consultation, Karika loves them... she might even give you a Yorkie discount! (Same works with Jose & homemade brownies). Other companions are welcomed and will be petted by her.

Well...that's Karika, our professional GM, behind-the-scenes shooter & official Yorkie enthusiast.

And the rest of our team...YOU!


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