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We sincerely want to congratulate you in such a great milestone! 

I have no interest in making standard 'yearbook pictures'. When we get together for your portrait sessions, we will make you a model. I promise. The experience itself is as important as the incredible images we will create together. Be yourself. Tell your story. I'll capture it for the world to see and celebrate your accomplishment with you. Whether you're an acclaimed athlete, a business magnate, a wanderer biologist, a code-writing genius, a public relations guru or a mind-reading sociologist, you are a work of art with an indelible spirit. Our job is to showcase that spirit and present it to the world in an artistic form. That is a portrait. Never settle for less. Because you and this occasion are worth it. See you soon. 

JM Standard Session - $89

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This is a two (2) hours on-location session. We start at any part of campus and move to different locations throughout the session. Up to four (4) different locations work the best for the time slot, but we welcome you to decide. Bring your cap and gown, but also bring a different outfits. I always recommend formal & something personal specific like a team uniform and gear, outfits from your fraternity or sorority, or even a instrument you play. 

After our sessions, we will retouch twenty (20) of your favorite images from the session. We will upload your finished JM-branded images to your personal password-secure online gallery in our website, for you to download to your computer and immediately share with friends and family in social media. No waiting for antique CDs. Did I mention the online gallery is available 24/7 and with unlimited downloads? Share it with your relatives too! We will keep your gallery for up to 90 days.

*Unbranded/print-release photos are available upon request and a print release fee.

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